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Friday Fun: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta video and wallpaper

We get to hear the 730bhp monster for the first time...

We have followed the launch of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta like hawks preying on a field mouse, eyes never leaving the target for months. And last week we finally got to see the new GT and we weren’t disappointed, not one little bit. How could we be? A 6.3 litre V12 pushing out 730 bhp with looks to die for. You can read our original article here.

Well, we were disappointed by one thing – in all the images, CGI videos and hyperbole we didn’t get a video letting us hear what the Supercar sounds like, surely as important as the visuals in a car like this. Ferrari were obviously holding this one back, as it’s quite a video. We get to see the F12 on track and on some gorgeous Italian mountain roads, plus we get to see some of the clever aero tech working on the front bumper. So sit back and if you have the time and bandwidth, click the 'Watch on Youtube' button, set it to 1080p and watch it full screen with your sound turned up…

As an extra treat, you can download the stunning wallpaper of the F12 Berlinetta previewed at the top of the page in a frankly ridiculous 3508x2480 pixels here.

Image and video courtesy of Ferrari

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