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Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo vs Lamborghini Aventador

562bhp is clearly not enough for some Ferrari owners...

There are few people who can afford to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia. One of the best looking, handling and performing cars to ever come out of Maranello. With 0-100mph taking just 6.4 seconds you could never accuse it of being slow. But there are some super wealthy owners who want more. And they go to Underground Racing in the US. 

UR take 458 Italias, Lamborghini LP560s et al, and install twin turbo kits on them giving them insane levels of power and performance. In the video below we see their development 458 Italia Twin Turbo with 700 bhp at the wheels take on a Lamborghini Aventador with 700 bhp at the crank. Now the Lambo is much heavier and is probably only putting down 550 bhp at the wheels due to the 4WD system, but we still didn't expect the difference in acceleration to be this vast!

Of course, we hear that UR have an Aventador arriving in the next month, and they're developing a Twin Turbo kit for that. Given that they take the LP560-4 to 1200bhp in their most extreme package, we are expecting incredible things from the LP700-4. Worry not, we'll bring you footage of that beast as soon as it's released...

Video courtesy of Underground Racing

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