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McLaren MP4-12C smashes the Nurburgring

British Supercar laps the 'Ring 10 seconds quicker than Ferrari 458...

The fabled Nurburgring in Germany is used by manufacturers world over as a test of a car's handling. 12 miles of twisting tarmac is the most punishing test a car can undertake, and as such the 'Ring time' is a hotly fought competition. The Ferrari 458 managed a time of 7mins 38 seconds at the hands of Horst von Saurma, Editor-in-Chief of Sport Auto magazine. 

Recently he took the MP4-12C to the 'Ring, and managed to push it to an incredible 7mins 28seconds lap time, as youc an see below:

This is an amazing achievement, beating almost every other production supercar bar the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Gumpert Apollo Sport.

We look forward to seeing which car is next to tackle the 'Green Hell' and if they can beat McLaren's amazing time...

Video courtesy of McLaren Automotive

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