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Friday Fun: Chris Harris on the SLS Black Series

German tyre destroying weapon...

We love the Mercedes SLS here at TorquingPoint. When we had one for a couple of days it wormed its way into our very soul with the combination of power, noise, looks and very cool doors. With 560 bhp we never thought it was particularly slow, nor did we think it was a bit soft. As a cross-country blasting machine it has a perfect combination of body control and comfort. But some want more from their SLS, some want to take them on track and try to eat 911 GT3s, so for them Mercedes has created the SLS Black Series. With 622 bhp and lighter bodywork, not to mention testosterone-pumped-up styling, there’s really only one person’s verdict we want to hear on this mad Merc – Chris Harris. He loves the SLS as much as we do, so it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks of it.

Well, that was no surprise was it? Destroyed tyres, big skids and large grins. That’s what we love about these videos!

Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE

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