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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the Singer 911

Best. Video. Ever...

Everyone loves a classic Porsche 911. The simple lines, the sporting stance, they just look right. But the driving experience never really matches up to the looks – and why would it? It was designed in the 60s/70s and technology and knowledge has moved on leaps and bounds since then.

But there’s a company in LA that is turning those dreams into a reality – Singer Vehicle Design. They take a late 80’s 911, strip away everything, add carbon body panels, a Cosworth designed and built 350 bhp engine, add their own mix of styling parts and bespoke parts for pretty much everything else and you have a pure thoroughbred 911 that looks as good as it’s possible for it to look, with the firepower and handling to back it up. It’s a real compliment to Singer to say that the only company that beats them in their quality, attention to detail and pure OCD-ness is Pagani.

In this fantastic 27 minute video from Chris Harris, he drives the Singer on the roads of California and on track, chatting to Rob Dickinson, owner of Singer and learning all there is to know about their incredible 911s. So sit back, grab a coffee and watch what we think is the best half hour of viewing in many years…

Hopefully by now, if you have a single drop of petrol in your veins you are figuring out how many bodily organs and family members you can sell to buy a Singer, we certainly are. Unfortunately we wouldn’t get anywhere near the c.£250,000 that Singer will ask for one of their cars, but if we had the means we would buy one in a heartbeat. Better value than an Aventador? Absolutely.

 Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE

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