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Friday Fun: Rallying a Rolls Royce?

Not sure if this is annoying, or incredibly awesome...

Just for a second, imagine that you are unbelievably wealthy. Nice, huh? Now, imagine you have a country estate somewhere in rural England, and you have a spanking new Rolls Royce Phantom in your garage that you’ve recently spent around £300,000 on. You also have an absurd collection of cars, toys and probably a helicopter or two to boot.

So what do you do for funsies? Rally your Phantom of course! Powersliding on grass, burnouts through gates, this Phantom does it all…

We’re honestly not sure if this makes our stomach churn, thinking of all the hard work the Rolls Royce engineers put into this car, or whether it’s actually just about the best thing we’ve seen on the internet since that car playing the piano. Probably the latter.

Image and video courtesy of some chap on Youtube


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