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Monday Movie: The last of the manual supercars

Jethro Bovingdon drives the last of a dying breed...

We waxed lyrical about the death of the manual gearbox earlier this year and it seems that Jethro Bovingdon of Evo and Car & Driver was listening (or he had a similar thought, we prefer the former).

There is only one Italian Supercar that you can buy with a manual gearbox now, as the whole Ferrari range and the Lambo Aventador and even the LP560 are now paddle shift only. The last remaining Supercar with a gearstick you shift yourself is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 (and the Spyder), and it’s this that Jethro takes to the hills around Bologna in this fantastic video.

Rear wheel drive, 542 bhp and the classic open metal gate gearshift combined with some of the best roads and vistas ever make for a fantastic video, so enjoy…

If we had the money, we’d buy a manual LP550-2 or even a manual LP560 if you can find one second hand right now (there’s one here), as they are going to become very rare soon. They may even go up in value eventually.

Image and video courtesy of Car & Driver


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