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Friday Fun: Chris Harris in the Mercedes SLS AMG GT

SLS + more power = more fun?

We love the Mercedes SLS AMG here at TorquingPoint. In fact, when we drove one it left a lasting impression on us that we struggle to shake off. We may even take one over the default Ferrari 458/McLaren 12C in the same sector thanks to the old-school muscle car feel and everyday usability combined with an evil exhaust note and organ-squashing performance. The new Aston Vanquish seems to offer a similar set of attributes, but we’ll leave that until we’ve driven it (hopefully in the new year).

Some thought the SLS wasn’t good enough on track though (why would it be? It’s a GT car!) so for them, Mercedes has now created the SLS AMG GT, with an extra 20 bhp giving 583 bhp now. There are also a few upgrades to the suspension and gearbox making it more fun on the track. In this week’s Friday Fun our usual FF staple Chris Harris takes the SLS GT on track and sees what all the fuss is about. Interesting video, this, as Harris is a confessed SLS fan, so have they ruined the SLS’s core values? Let’s see…

Personally, we’d take the normal SLS AMG. It may be 20 bhp down, but it never feels even remotely slow and we love the way it flows over a typical UK undulating road.

 Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE

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