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Friday Fun: The Hot Hatch shootout

The age-old battle returns...

We love a hot hatchback here at TorquingPoint. They offer a unique blend of performance, usability, practicality, affordability and handling that generally isn’t found in any other class. And at the moment we’re in the wonderful position where there are hot hatches from Ford, Vauxhall and Renault on sale among others.

In this cracking video, Chris Harris pits the Astra VXR, Focus ST and Renaultsport Megane 265 against eachother on the road and track in typically British wet weather. As well the fact that it looked enormous fun to do, it’s great to see these sorts of cars being tested how they are intended to be used. It’s just a really fun video and one that has been sorely missed with the usual supercar videos flying around:

But as Harris says in the video, the price of these hot hatches puts them very much in the way of the recently launched BMW M135i, a 320 bhp RWD hatchback which only costs a few thousand more than the Astra VXR. And luckily, he did a video a couple of weeks ago pitting the M135i against the monster Audi RS3. Enjoy…

Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE


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