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Friday Fun: It's video time!

Clear some space in your diary and turn up the speakers...

Jet lag is still an issue, so frankly all we want to do this Friday is sit back and watch a couple of fantastic videos – so here they are.

First up we have our regular star of Friday Fun, one Christopher Harris Esq driving the Nissan/Bowlby Deltawing – one of the most bizarre and interesting race cars to have emerged in many years. In this video the lucky Harris gets to drive it and then asks the question everyone wants to know to designer Ben Bowlby - how the hell does it not just understeer into the tyre wall? And amazingly we get a fantastically well described answer by the designer – this thing really is a marvel and should be racing everywhere. So enjoy, then move on to video number two…

Up next is one of Harris’s old cohorts, Jethro Bovingdon driving easily the coolest car to ever come out of Sweden – the Koenigsegg Agera R. With 1140 bhp and 885 lb/ft of torque, combined with incredible looks the ‘Egg is an amazing car from a very small manufacturer. Jethro takes it to a race track to find out if it still bites back. But mainly you just need to turn up your speakers to listen to the spine-tingling sound of that V8…

Videos courtesy of Drive and Car & Driver


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