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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the McLaren 12C Spider

Can it be as good as the Coupe? Maybe even better?

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while…. Chris Harris driving the new McLaren 12C Spider. Yes, that’s the 12C Spider, not the MP4-12C Spider. McLaren have finally realised what we’ve all been saying for a long time – that the name was far too long and technical, so they’ve dropped the MP4 part.

With the newly developed 616 bhp engine upgrade seen on the Coupe, along with all of the other upgrades the Spider looks to be a very tempting package, offering all the driving fun and performance of the Coupe but with the option to have nothing but air between you and the new sports exhaust. Plus it only weighs 40 kg more (around half a passenger), so the performance should be the same. But don’t let us tell you about it, that’s why we entrust Mr Harris to deliver the definitive verdict on these sorts of things…

It may cost a fair bit more than the Coupe, but we think it offers everything of the hardtop, and more. McLaren feel the same way as they predict that around 80% of 12C sales will be the variant with the trick folding roof…

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE

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