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Friday Fun: Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

Chris Harris gets sideways in the new Merc niche...

This week Chris Harris is entertaining us on the subject of niches. They’re an increasingly common are of automotive production these days, with manufacturers seemingly trying to fill every possible niche with a new car, then inventing a new niche just so they can launch a new model.

Mercedes aren’t really as guilty as say, BMW or Mini on this front, with their range mainly consisting of saloons, estates, coupes and SUVs. Though they were the first to break the mould and launch a ‘4dr coupe’ with the first generation CLS – a niche since populated by the VW Passat CC, BMW 6-Series GranSport and some would say the Porsche Panamera.

But now they have decided to create a niche within a niche and have released the CLS Shooting Brake – effectively an estate version of the CLS – which makes it an estate version of the 4dr coupe version of an E-Class. But this model seems to make more sense than all the other niche models – it’s sleek, stylish and cool, yet practical as well. If you get the 350CDi model it’s also impossibly frugal, but this video features Chris Harris therefore the only Mercs he’s interested in have the letters A, M & G on the back. In this case, it’s the CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake, which looks amazing and has serious performance.

We think this would be the ultimate family car – big V8 noise, lots of performance, stunning looks and a decent boot, er, to boot. Now there’s just the small matter of where to find that £85,000…

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE


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