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Friday Fun: Chris Harris pits the Toyota GT86 against its rivals

GT86 v 370Z v Used Cayman S...

Yep, it’s time for some more Friday Fun and this time Chris Harris from DRIVE gives the new Toyota GT86 its toughest test yet. Internet forums throughout the globe exclaimed when the GT86’s £24,995 price tag was revealed that you could almost buy a Nissan 370Z and could certainly get a used Porsche Cayman for that money.

And indeed you could – the 370Z gets 328 bhp vs the GT86’s 200 bhp, while the Porsche is, well, a Porsche therefore is awesome in every way possible. So Harris pits the three against eachother in this fantastic video. We would actually have chosen a Cayman closer to the GT86 in price – there are plenty available, including this one with 2yrs warranty & only 13k miles from a Porsche Dealer – meaning it would be much less prone to breaking and an even better proposition, but we see where Harris is coming from my showing a £17k example. After all – a Porsche warranty can be bought for £2000 so it’s still much better value.

But the GT86 still wins Harris’ heart. We’ve driven it and can see why, it really is a cracking steer, but we just wanted another 50 bhp or so.

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE


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