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Friday Fun: Ferrari Fun (& a little Chris Harris)

Turn up those speakers...

Normally this Friday Fun article is crammed full of Chris Harris related superlatives and general hero-worship. We know, and we’re a little ashamed of it, but we just love his videos. But there’s one chink in Harris’ armour – Ferraris.

After a much publicised spat between Harris and Ferrari which was published on Jalopnik, where he basically accused Ferrari of using ‘tweaked’ press cars and such like. This didn’t go down well in Maranello as you can expect, and Harris was cut from driving any new Ferraris. To be honest, it’s cutting their own nose off, because Harris and DRIVE now have one of the biggest viewing numbers in all of the internet-dom, but that’s how it is and Ferrari aren’t likely to show humility and back down (even if Harris has just bought a 599 GTB).

But have no fear – Jethro Bovingdon to the rescue! The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is one of the most eagerly awaited cars of 2012 – 730 bhp from a naturally aspirated V12 and some seriously good looks mean it’s high on everyone’s want list. And luckily Evo Magazine’s Jethro gets to have a decent spin in the F12 and even gives a great comparison to the 599 GTO. Turn the speakers up for this one, there’s some lovely V12 aural goodness in it!

But that’s not all from Mr. Bovingdon – in a side-line for Car & Driver, he also takes a 458 Spider to the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy, giving us a visual and audio treat. Fantastic stuff:

But of course, Friday Fun wouldn’t be the same without Monkey Harris, so here’s his latest video where he drives the bonkers BAC Mono around a very wet race track:

We really hope that he gets to drive one on the road at some point as the 280 bhp Mono is one of the most exciting cars we’ve seen in a long time.

Videos courtesy of Evo Magazine, DRIVE and Car & Driver


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