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Friday Fun with DRIVE: Chris Harris tackles the Bowler EXR-S

The world's fastest (and most insane) SUV...

Bowler used to make a rally raid vehicle called the Wildcat. Based on the Land Rover Defender it had a TVR sourced V8 with 400+bhp and looked incredible. After many years in service though, Bowler decided to retire the Wildcat (which in Bowler terms, meant it sold the rights to another company, which is still making it now) and develop a new car, based on the Range Rover Sport.

Called the EXR, it has the nose of the RR Sport and a rear profile not unlike that of the new Evoque coupe, but underneath sits Bowler’s incredible off road chassis and suspension, while up front sits the new 5.0 litre supercharged V8 with 550 bhp. And now they’re building a road version, just because they can. Chris Harris is a very lucky chap getting to tear around a private track and off road dirt track in the road and dirt EXRs, which is great for us as we get to watch and pretend we’re there.

The EXR-S, the name of the road version, makes an amazing noise, pure unsilenced V8 and looks fantastic. The production version will have windows and an interior, which we can’t wait to see. For now though, just enjoy Harris oversteering a 1700 kg SUV…

Other great news for Bowler is that after many years of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’, they are now officially affiliated with Land Rover, with LR’s development engineers getting in on the Bowler action and more collaboration between the two companies. Great news and we’re very happy for Bowler.

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE


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