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Friday Fun: Chris Harris in his E28 BMW M5

A love story between a monkey and a car...

It’s fair to say that we like Chris Harris’ videos here at TorquingPoint. In fact that’s quite an understatement – along with the rest of the Drive Channel on Youtube they are the best petrolhead viewing currently available. Harris usually drives the latest and greatest cars to be released, very sideways, for our viewing pleasure. But not today (in part, at least).

Today Harris’ video is about his 1986 BMW M5, a true classic and one that hasn’t had much coverage recently because, well, it’s 26 years old. What is really endearing about this video is that Harris is a man with access to any car he wants, a 911 GT3 RS 4.0 in his garage, Mercs a plenty and yet we see him waxing lyrical about his M5 like you’d image a shepherd talking about his long-serving Collie. Then, of course, we get to see Harris getting his M-Fünf truly sideways while wringing the neck of that wonderful 286 bhp 3.5 litre straight six.

Truly enjoyable to watch, we just love seeing passionate petrolheads enthusing about their cars.

Image and video courtesy of Drive

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