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Friday Fun: The story of Pagani Pt 1 & 2

A 5-part doc on the amazing Italian Supercar maker...

Passion, incredible design, scintillating noise, speed, almost OCD-levels of detail – we can only be talking about one car manufacturer – Pagani. From the very first time the original Zonda was revealed to the world in 1999 the world took notice of this fledgling car maker and with good reason.

13 years on the Zonda is still being made in a highly evolved state and the next model is also in production, the Huayra. From the immaculately laid carbon fibre, to the custom built AMG engines and every component etched with the Pagani name, the level of quality and detail on Pagani supercars is beyond that of even McLaren.

In this 5-part video documentary we trace the history of Pagani in the build-up to magazines getting their first drives of the Huayra. We’ve got parts 1 & 2 here, and will bring you the other parts as soon as they are released. Right, we really need to get that Pagani factory tour organised…

Part 1

Part 2

Image and videos courtesy of Pagani Automobili SpA


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