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Friday Fun with Drive: M3 GTS v C63 Black v GT3 RS 4.0

What an amazing trio, tested on road and track...

Well it only lasted a week before we were drawn back to Chris Harris and the Drive crew for our Friday video fix. And boy, did he bring along a good one this week. Most people know that Harris is a confirmed lunatic when it comes to his car purchases and his latest confirms that. Yes, the £130,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 you see in this video actually belongs to Harris, albeit via a finance company. We’re not going to comment on that as in all honesty if we could afford the £1800/month payments for one, we would. Especially as the car is now up for sale at £190,000 which would mean a tidy profit for Monkey even after the payments.

But in this video the RS 4.0 comes up against its two greatest rivals – the BMW M3 GTS and the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series. All around the same price, the three cars are all honed track focussed versions of the coupes we know and love. Harris takes them to the roads of Wales and around Angelsey’s circuit to get a feel for which is the most complete car:

Which one wins? We’ll let you watch the video to find out, but the sound of these cars, from the two V8’s to the wailing Metzger flat-6 of the 911 it’s a fantastic watch.

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE


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