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Friday Fun: Evo driving the Pagani Zonda 760RS

Harry Metcalfe gets behind the wheel of the exclusive Zonda...

Harry Metcalfe is one very lucky chap. Not only is he the founder of our favourite car magazine – Evo – he’s also pretty well off and has an amazing collection of cars. This collection includes a Pagani Zonda C12S, which is one of the most beautiful and exquisitely made supercars of all time. Owning a Zonda means you have a pretty close relationship with Pagani and as such Harry gets to have the inside scoop on new developments and cars, including a car that has been floating around the internet rumour mill for a couple of years – the Zonda 760RS.

Packing an incredible 763 bhp and lots of additional aero tweaks, this is meant to be the ultimate expression of the Zonda, more so than the Cinque cars, more like a Zonda R for the road. Metcalfe explains in detail how the new Pagani Huayra fits in with the Zonda too, which is interesting to hear.

What’s more interesting to hear though, is that fire breathing V12 and boy it doesn’t disappoint. So turn the volume up because you won’t hear a howl like this anywhere else:

A very interesting little snippet that Metcalfe mentions is that the next 760 to be made will be called the 760LH, which are the initials of the Formula 1 champion who has ordered it – one Lewis Hamilton. Though he’s gone for the manual gearbox as “he uses paddle shifts at work”. Nice.

We’re not sure how Hamilton’s employer – McLaren will feel about this purchase though, especially as they are launching their own 900 bhp, £1m hypercar in May…

Images and video courtesy of Evo Magazine

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