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Friday Fun with Drive: Ariel Atom V8 & Noble M600 at the 'Ring

Harris + Brit Supercars + 'Ring = mental video...

Chris Harris is a very brave man. He may just be our hero, but we’ll not get into that now. In his latest video he takes two of the most unhinged British supercars to the Nürburgring and records the laps for our viewing pleasure.

First up we have the more ridiculous of the two cars – the Ariel Atom V8. Weighing in at just 580 kg it’s a crazy car with the ‘normal’ 240 bhp Honda engine. But Ariel decided that wasn’t mental enough, so took two Suzuki Hyabusa motorbike engines, mounted them on a common crank and created a 2.6 litre V8 with 475 bhp and a 10,300 rpm rev limit. Needless to say the performance is staggering with 0-100 mph taking around 5 seconds. Harris does a slightly nervous lap in the Atom, all the while that V8 providing a spine tingling sound track.

Next, he takes Noble’s M600 onto the ‘Green Hell’ – a long, low supercar with no ABS, no traction control, a manual gearbox and 650 bhp from its twin turbo Yamaha 4.4 litre V8. Harris reckons it’s the closest thing to a modern-day Ferrari F40 which is praise indeed. Not quite as nervous as the Ariel, the M600 still impresses with the staggering speeds it reaches, topping an indicated 200 mph on the long straight.

It’s very rare you find a car video that entertains and keeps your eyes glued to the screen like this one – watching two full laps in two of the most mental cars on sale at the world’s craziest race track with expert in-car commentary from Harris. Sit down, grab a coffee, turn up the volume and enjoy…

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE

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