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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the Morgan Plus 8

All the way to Geneva. Brave man...

That’s right, it’s yet another Friday Fun featuring the ever-dominant Chris Harris. Honestly, we would feature other videos if we could – the problem is there just aren’t any other videos out there that are anywhere near as good. So we have another Monkey video and once again it’s a cracker.

Here at TorquingPoint we love a Morgan. Old-school British engineering meets; in the case of the new Plus 8, new-school technology. This new Plus 8 takes the aluminium underpinnings of the Aero 8 and Aero Coupe, adds in a BMW-sourced 4.8 litre V8 with 367 bhp and clothes it in a body much like the older Morgans we all know and love.

In our eyes it looks much better than the Aero 8 and is about as British as a bulldog eating a sausage sitting in a red phone box while wearing a top hat. So full marks go to Harris for driving it to Geneva for the Motor Show with videographer Neil Carey and all their kit for 4 shoots. That’s impressive packaging. So sit back and enjoy a very British car making some rather lovely noises:

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE


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