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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the new Porsche Boxster S

It's the best looking Porsche to date, can it also be the best steer?...

Yes, it’s Friday – and that means two things. Firstly, it’s the weekend so we can all turn off our brains, and secondly it’s time for another Chris Harris/Drive video.

This week sees Chris heading to the south of France and the legendary Route Napoléon to drive the most eagerly awaited car of 2012 for the majority of the car world – the new Porsche Boxster. Sure, we were all intrigued to hear how the new 911 drives and whether the gearchange in the Lamborghini Aventador is actually as keck-breaking as everyone says in Corsa mode, but 99% of us will never get the chance to own those cars. But a £50,000 Boxster S – that’s something most petrolheads could aspire to within their lifetime.

And who better to give us a proper review than Das Pork Monkey, a man who knows so much about Porsche he should really be from Stuttgart and be called Kristopher Metzger. It’s a great review, too, letting us know exactly what we want to know about the new Boxster, even if there are some unfortunate ‘girls car’ references shoved in for effect. So sit back and enjoy:

Right, we’re off to try and figure out how we can afford a new Boxster…

Image and video courtesy of DRIVE

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