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Friday Fun: Chris Harris drives the 252bhp Audi A1 Quattro

...on ice. We're not jealous, honest...

That’s right, it’s Friday which means we’ve got either an amazing image for you, or the new Chris Harris Drive video. Well, it’s the latter (again)! We would normally be ashamed of doing the same thing every Friday, but until Harris stops creating entertaining well shot videos you may be stuck with them. This particular video isn't the normal slick production though, as it was all shot, edited and produced by Harris himself but we think he's done a good job.

This week we see Harris taking to the ice in the Audi A1 Quattro and meeting legendary rally driver Stig Blomqvist. This pocket rocket was revealed just before Christmas and is a rare piece of craziness from the usually staid Audi. They take the diminutive A1 3dr and crowbar in a 252 bhp 2.0 litre turbo engine from the S3 along with a 4WD system. Just 333 will be made, 19 of which will be coming to the UK at a frankly absurd £40,000. But 16 are already gone, so there are lots of people out there willing to own the craziest A1.

The thing is, we hear that there is an RS1 coming next year which will have the same powertrain as this with most of the same body mods. The development cost that must have gone into this Quattro, including the massive cost of homologating the new fuel tank required to fit around the 4WD system must have been huge so it would make sense for Audi to keep using them. Quite how the owners of this ‘special edition’ will feel if that happens we don’t know, but it probably won’t be good…

Video courtesy of DRIVE


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