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Friday Fun: Merc C63 Coupe on Spacesaver tyres!

Chris Harris has serious fun on skinny tyres...

We reported on the launch of the Drive Youtube channel last week, and now our favourite automotive journalist Chris Harris has put up his first video.

In this contribution, Harris takes a 480 bhp Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe and puts it on 125mm wide Spacesaver tyres to see what effect it has on the handling. By using some slightly suspect man-maths, he figures it now has the equivalent of over 1000 bhp when compared to the car on standard tyres. The results are expectedly hilarious – oversteer on demand is the order of the day and Harris doesn’t disappoint.

There is however a moral to the story – modern cars are so obsessed with lap times that they are fitting ever-wider tyres to cars that are supposed to be fun. But generally grip is the enemy of fun, especially at non-license-losing speeds. Toyota have got the idea, fitting relatively thin rear tyres to the new GT 86 RWD coupe, in order to give it some fun factor.

But for now, enjoy the sight (and sound) of Chris Harris drifting a V8 Merc around a track:

If this video is anything to go by, we expect to bring you a lot more Drive videos as part of our Friday Fun…

Video courtesy of DRIVE

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