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Bio-Ethanol powered Ferrari FF revealed

875bhp and under 100g/km CO2...

Imagine if you will, that you’re a very wealthy businessman with a nice stable of supercars that you enjoy at the weekend. But the car you use most, day to day is your new Ferrari FF.

Unfortunately your wealthy friends at the Golf Club who believe everything they read in the eco-papers about how cars are the root of all evil constantly berate you about how your FF pollutes the earth much more than their Hybrid Lexus. There’s only one way to shut them up – get a power upgrade.

Not the most logical of routes, but one that also happens to work in this instance, thanks to Norwegian tuning company For the comparatively small fee of $1500 they will convert your FF to run on E85 Bio-Ethanol fuel. What this does is transform your 651 bhp V12 powered all-wheel drive Ferrari super car into a bona fide 875 bhp hyper car all with the emissions of a diesel powered Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion. E85 is a much more renewable source of fuel, and has a higher calorific content enabling the car to produce more power, all with considerably less harmful emissions.

The standard Ferrari FF puts out what is actually a low amount of CO2 for a 651 bhp car at 360 g/km but with the E85 conversion this drops to under 100 g/km.

Downsides? Well it’s highly likely that this engine work will invalidate your warranty so you’ll have an 875 bhp, £220,000 Ferrari with no warranty. But that’s the price you pay for trying to save the planet…

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