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MPG in Winter

Not only is the cold weather unpleasant and hazardous, it's also costing you more money.

It seems most of the country has been blessed with more of the white stuff over the last weekend, causing more traffic jams, collisions and general chaos for the majority of the motoring population.

As I sit here, peering out of the window at the white cap which my Clio is wearing on the drive, I am reminded of the first few miles of every journey when the engine is still cold as it yawns and stretches, before reaching optimum temperature. It makes sense that the time taken to warm up is longer when the outside temperature is lower, but it's actually so bad for fuel consumption.

What provoked this article was my drive home last night. I flicked through the various displays on the dashboard whilst enduring a tedious motorway drive, and noticed that since the beginning of December, my long term MPG had dropped by 1.8.

I admit it doesn't seem like much, but that's 22 miles lost for every tank of fuel. Multiply that by a full tank once a week since December 1st, and that's 150 miles lost purely because of the temperature dropping. My car averages 37mpg, so that's 25 quid (or a nice takeaway!) spent on more fuel.

I suppose I would like to propose some sort of electric motor to heat engine components quicker in the ideal world. Similar to when the altermator was first installed to help stop cars overheating. I'm no engineer, but maybe it's something to look out for in the future.

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