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Ford launch new 3-cylinder engine

Emissions of just 109g/km in a Focus

Ford has today unveiled in Cologne a new range of 3-cylinder engines which it hopes will take the company forward as a leader in economical engine design.

Designed in the UK, the turbocharged, direct injection 1.0 litre unit is going to be available in two levels of tune initially - 98 or 123 bhp. These are incredible outputs for such a small engine, especially when combined with the fact that in the Focus, the 98 bhp variant will produce just 109 g/km. The engines will feature in the Focus, new Ford C-Max, Grand C-Max and B-Max.

The engine will be made in Cologne in a new £100m engine plant, but the powerplant was designed in the company's Dagenham and Dunton bases in the UK. Ford intends to eventually be producing 1.5m of these units per year. See video below for more techy information:

We really must applaud Ford for their efforts with this new engine. Firstly for designing such an incredible engine, capable of such power and emissions levels. Secondly they have to be commended for continuing to support engineering design in the UK. So many manufacturers have headed overseas but Ford continues to support the incredible home-grown talent we have here in the UK and we salute them for it, and long may they do so.

We can't wait to see how the Focus performs with these new engines and just hope that buyers aren't too put off by the 1.0 litre aspect.

Image courtesy of Ford


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