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Friday Fun: Harris goes electric

Monkey drives the 740hp Merc SLS Electric Drive...

Recently Chris Harris appears to have driven a lot of Mercedes SLS’s. First there was the slightly quicker SLS GT, then came the bonkers pumped-up SLS Black Series. But now he’s driven another SLS that is more powerful than them both, with 740 bhp – sound interesting? Well it is, but for more than just that headline figure – this SLS is powered by four electric motors, one in each wheel. That’s right – a 740 bhp electric SLS.

Okay, with all the motors and battery gubbins the SLS Electric Drive weighs 2200 kg – which is about the same as a new Range Rover – but with 750 lb/ft of torque available from zero revs the SLS ED is going to be seriously quick. And we can’t think of anyone better to test it than certified AMG V8 lover Harris. So sit back and watch as Mercedes tries to convert one of the world’s biggest petrolheads to electric power:

Well, that was pretty much as expected then! Lots of sideways and Harris almost convinced. The thing is, the SLS ED is just a testbed really. Headline figures and a £400k price tag mean it will be for the wealthy and kooky only, but the tech will certainly filter down to more mainstream models and that will be very interesting to see...

Image and videos courtesy of DRIVE

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