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Fancy the new F-Type? Wait a couple of years and get a bargain

How to get one of Britain's best new cars for a discount price

It has always been the case that Jaguars just don't hold onto any value.

The XK is a great car. It is well built, looks cool, drives well, and more importantly in the world of depreciation, Jaguar didn't make too many of them. Yet the class fields are flooded with 2 year old, high spec models going for less than half their original list price. Five litre V8 'Portfoilios'  with 20,000 miles on can be had for 29 grand. Twenty nine grand! You want an XKR I hear you say? That'll  £37K for a 2-year-old beauty with every option box ticked. That's an eighty grand car new, meaning so some poor soul has lost nearly four grand a month before he's even driven it anywhere.

The XJ is in the same boat as the XK, even though it's the coolest big saloon on sale, it's the most engaging to drive and its interior could give Bentley a run for its money. None of this seems to matter though, because you could experience everything an XJ has to offer for £28K.

Naturally, the three litre diesels are worth more, but you'd be able to afford the fuel bills and road tax of the thirstier V8 petrols due to the fact you'd have more money than Cyprus left over from your budget. It really is madness.

Logically speaking there should be no reason why a big cat should lose so much of its original value in a short space of time.

These cases unfortunately give the impression that the fantastic new F-Type will go down the same road and only cost the same as a 3 series in a couple of years. However let's not be sad about that, let's be excited that we will be able to walk into an approved Jag showroom and drive away in one of the best cars of the year for Golf GTI money!

Jag's track record means in 24 months if you've got 25 grand to spend, you'll be able to get a decent spec V6 F-Type with low mileage and at least a year of warranty left. Tempted?

Or, if you seriously want one and you like new cars, just wait a year. Even that short space of time will bring all but the fastest models within reach, and you'll be sure of a low mileage example with seemingly brand new interior. It's too good to be true.

I don't think the Porsche Boxster has to worry about the new F-Type, I think it has to worry about the older ones next year!

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