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A Motor Show on my Doorstep

Contributor Matt Hall went to Oulton Park this weekend. This is what he saw...

I have just returned from the British GT Championship at Oulton Park. I have been in the past but never realised how much money is in it until this weekend. The organisation and logistics of the league costs millions alone and that’s without the Formula 1-style trucks to carry all the equipment around Europe and the £500K+ cars themselves.

For anyone unaware the GT is a league for racing versions of sports cars and super cars. In the final race today a 911 claimed the top spot, a 458 came in 2nd and an Aston Martin Vantage completed the podium. Other motors included a couple of SLSs, several GTRs, three highly tuned BMW Z4s and a couple of R8 V10s. The names of the cars are about the only thing that’s standard however. The carbon bodies are amazing, and as you can probably imagine, luxuries such as air con and sat nav are nowhere to be seen. One would imagine the more powerful engines and colossal weight loss over the road-going version make for some serious on-track performance. They were mighty fast that’s for sure!

Almost as impressive as the cars are the manufacturer trucks, which are polished daily regardless of weather conditions. They are also made to park in a perfectly straight line, just like how Bernie Eccleston commands them to in F1.

All this and the thousands of spectators made it a great day out and created an enjoyable atmosphere for petrol heads and families alike. However none of the above explains why I was happy to pay the £22 entry fee. No, I was happy to hand it over at the gate because of the astounding range of supercars that turned up to add to the atmosphere (and to show off).

It was amazing to see so many dream cars in one place, mostly owned by like-minded wealthy people who simply love cars. Living only a couple of miles down the road from Oulton Park, I felt it my duty to get down there and report on the 2013 ‘Cheshire Motor Show’!


In the gallery is every car I saw. I only had a bog standard camera and fellow amateur photographers milling around the motors made good shots hard to come by. Even so you can still appreciate them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Personal highlights are the Enzo and the new Vanquish. My poor photography skills don’t do the Aston justice – it is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen.

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