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We're not dead, just resting...

As you may have noticed, it’s been a little quiet around here of late. Like very, totally completely silent. Well that’s because – wait for it…… I’ve not been posting!

To be honest there just haven’t been enough hours in the day of late and TorquingPoint has had to take a back seat to other commitments. And if I’m being honest, it had just turned into another daily car news site which isn’t what I intended when I started the site.

I wanted TorquingPoint to be a new type of car site – yes there would be car news, but it would be about talking about cars, the issues we all face as motorists, the latest trends, style and everything in between. But again, time was against me and we ended up doing very few of these articles and more and more press release regurgitation.

But no more. I have decided to put TorquingPoint on the back burner until November when there will be a glorious relaunch, with a big fanfare, cakes and possibly some bunting. My schedule will be much freer from the middle of October so I’m going to do everything I can to make TorquingPoint the best motoring site on the web.

What I will want then, are contributors. It’s all very well and good relaunching the site, but I want more opinion than just my own. So if you think you have a lot to say, once or twice a week and want to get your name out there for everyone to read, get in touch.

So enjoy the summer (whatever’s left of it) and we’ll see you in November for The Big Relaunch.


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