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Hammann reveals the Mystere

We hope you aren't eating when you see this...

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here. Hammann are well known for their OTT tuning efforts, but when this….. thing was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show most people thought it must be an elaborate joke.

There have been a few attempts at tuning the new Range Rover recently, from Lumma, Kahn and the usual suspects, but most have been limited to wheels, a bumper change maybe, all in relatively subtle hues. But with this car, Hammann has managed to earn the title of Worst Modified Car of 2013 nice and early as we’re pretty confident nothing could top this.

So, where to start? Well the most obvious place is the colour – pink chrome – which is one of the most eye-popping colours we’ve ever seen on a car, but not in a good way. The way that makes you want to gauge them out. So onto the bodykit – up front there is a huge front bumper with a massive array of vents, intakes and bars featuring DRL LED’s, while the traditional Range Rover grille is replaced by a strange gaping item. Atop the normally svelte bonnet is a power bulge that genuinely serves no purpose, while at the sides the wheelarches have been extended front and rear, increasing the track by a massive 80mm. these massive extensions house the Hammann forged 23-inch alloy wheels which are actually the most tasteful part of the whole car. The rear features an extended rear bumper with quad exhaust tailpipes.

Hammann have chosen to call this automotive abomination the Mystere, which is quite apt as it’s a mystery to us why it exists! Should you have a complete taste bypass and more money than sense, the Hammann Mystere is available to order now.

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