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Peugeot reveals the new 308

Lovers of mediocre French hatchbacks rejoice!

Peugeot has revealed their latest assault on the medium sized hatchback market with the all-new 308. Set to take on the Focus, Astra and Golf, the new 308 aims to be more upmarket and of higher quality and style than any French hatch before it. Bold claims, but then the previous 307 & 308 were never exactly world-beaters even when new.

Taking inspiration from the 508, the new styling is certainly less Gallic and more Germanic than before, with sharp styling creases and a slim nose which is a world away from the previous gaping front ends of the 307/8. There is a slim upper grille with chrome trim, while the lower grille is a wide opening flanked by foglights. It certainly blends the new Peugeot corporate face seen on the 508 and new 208 to good effect.

There are a couple of sharp body feature lines running down the side of the new 308 which adds drama to an otherwise very staid shape, as do the interestingly shaped rear lights to the somewhat plain rear. Inside the 308 gets an unusually small steering wheel and a very uncluttered design. Most of the major controls have been grouped onto the large touchscreen on the dash, including the A/C system and infotainment. Only a few buttons remain.

The engine lineup hasn’t been confirmed yet, but expect a broadly similar selection to today’s model. The big news with the new 308 is the new PSA ‘EMP2’ platform which allows the new 308 to be around 140 kg lighter than the predecessor. This will have benefits for economy, emissions and performance.

The all-new 308 will go on sale in the UK in January 2014.

Images courtesy of Peugeot

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