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Why Doesn't Canada Make Cars?

It seems a simple enough question...

Why Doesn’t Canada Make Cars? We are frequently subjected to sports cars from unsuspecting countries in this day and age. Developing countries are more than happy to showcase their creations in an attempt to steal some European market share.

Mexico has the Mastretta brand, who handed their MXT-R to European journalists recently. Slovenian manufacturer tried to take on the supercar giants last year with its Tushek T500.

As you would expect from companies with no history or previous road cars from which to learn, their first attempts have some way to go before we will buy them. However it is admirable to see people attempting to enter an extremely tough market place. It is also healthy for the industry to see new companies rub shoulders with the veterans.

Compared to the World’s most developed and civilised countries, Latin American, Eastern European and some Asian nations are relatively restricted when it comes to resources and access to the best automotive engineers and designers. So this begs the question, why doesn’t Canada, one of the wealthiest and developed countries on Earth, make cars?

I suspect its close relationship with the States has something to do with this. It could be argued, why bother spending billions on R&D when you can just buy the finished product relatively cheaply from across the border. Any country could do that though. A successful automotive industry shows a healthy manufacturing nation and is most definitely a sign of quality. Why wouldn’t any country want a thriving vehicle industry?

Canada is in the top 10 when it comes to car production, but none of the 2.1 million cars it produced last year were Canadian.

Although similar to America in terms of culture and personal prosperity, the people also share some European characteristics. With our Queen still head of state and a strong French culture in parts, I think it has the potential to develop some great cars. Maybe some cool town cars for its metropolises, or quality saloons to rival the big German firms. Who knows, but there is no reason why not!

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