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BMW X4 Concept officially revealed

Smaller version of the X6 SAV...

BMW; intent on creating new market segments every month, has revealed the X4 Concept. The X4 will be to the X6, what X3 is to X5, 3er is to 5er etc and joins the ever expanding lineup of niche models in BMW’s range including the 3-Series GT and 6-Series Gran Coupe.

Based on the 3-Series GT platform, the X4 Concept doesn’t come with any specs as it’s just a concept, but as we know BMW pretty well we know that the production model in M-Sport guise will be almost identical to this concept. The wheels may be an inch smaller and there won’t be as much bling on the outside but what you see above is essentially an X4 xDrive20d MSport.

The styling is a little more successful than the X6, with a more upright design and a nose taking inspiration from the new 3-Series. There’s a trio of angular sweeping curves in the side of the body which give an athletic look, while there’s the trademark coupe-style roof as well. We don’t really understand why you’d want to buy an SUV that’s less practical than the normal X3, but sales of the X6, along with the Range Rover Evoque Coupe proves that there are buyers out there.

Expect the X4 to go on sale in early 2014.

Images courtesy of BMW

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