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Kahn Design reveals the Range Rover Vogue Black Label

Kahn Design in subtle styling shocker!

There seems to be a worrying trend of late – there are many small tuning companies popping up offering styling kits for, normally, the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover. But now there’s a new Range Rover and a nice new blank canvas for the tuners. We’ve already had one kit from Lumma which shows the trend at its worst – brash, overstyled and far too in-your-face.

In the early 2000’s, the king of these tacky, overstyled bodykits was Bradford based Kahn Design, but over the years they have started to mature and where they do still offer the more outlandish bodykits and paint jobs, they have also realised that there are a lot of people out there who want a personalised Range Rover that doesn’t look like an extra from a Judge Dredd movie.

So we come to their Range Rover Vogue Black Label, based on the brand new Range Rover. We adore the new RR here, but there are a few chintzy details that stand out, like all the chromework. Kahn have decided to turn all the chrome into satin black, lower slightly and add a set of their actually quite nice alloy wheels. And we like it. Really like it.

No-one is more surprised to say that than us to be honest, but this really does look very nice. We wouldn’t have the Kahn badges, but the new RR certainly does look good after a bit of de-blinging. The alloy wheels are 23-inch in diameter, which obviously helps with the looks, but that’s not an absurd size given that Range Rover themselves offer 22-inch wheels as an option. The only other external cues are the gold brake callipers, which again don’t look too bad.

Inside Kahn haven’t done a great deal, mainly because the interior of the new Range Rover is one of the best interiors available today. There’s some alcantara on the steering wheel and the odd Kahn badge here or there, but otherwise it’s business as usual.

Kahn generally runs a price on request service, but expect this treatment to add five figures to your Range Rover.

Images courtesy of A.Kahn Design

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