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Kia unveils the pro_cee'd GT

The latest Korean grammatical nightmare...

Kia has released photos and technical details of the 2013 pro_cee'd GT. Yes, that’s how they spell it. Though for the purposes of this article we’re going to call it the GT as we can’t be bothered with all the extra grammatical nonsense.

Along with the cee'd GT, these will be the company's "most performance-focused production cars ever" and are scheduled for a public debut this March at the Geneva Motor Show. Peter Schreyer was in charge of designing the two cars and feature a much more aggressive look than we’ve seen before on a Kia.

The front end gets a deep bumper with a wide lower grille and a large set of side vents that are actually filled with foglights and a striking set of 4 individual DRL LEDs. We haven’t seen the rear, but we expect there will be a similarly aggressive look. The GT sits of a new design of 18” alloy wheels.

Inside Kia have gone to town with a much sportier look with leather trim to the steering wheel and a rather nice set of Recaro sports seats.

Power will come from a 1.6 litre GDI turbocharged engine producing 201 bhp and 195 lb/ft of torque. The engine sends power to front wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox, enabling the GT to complete the 0-62 mph dash in 7.9 seconds.

The pro_cee'd GT will go on sale in United Kingdom mid-2013, followed by the 5dr hatchback towards the end of the year at around £22,000 and £24,000 respectively.

Images courtesy of Kia

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