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New Bentley Mulsanne options revealed

New options for the Mulsanne include class-leading technology and a 'Comfort' pack.

With the Continental GT grabbing all of the attention for Bentley, their flagship model has taken somewhat of a back seat recently. However some new options will bring the Mulsanne as bang up to date as a car costing over 200 grand should be.

A new Comfort Specification adds new head and footrests and a number of duck-down filled loose cushions. Electrically operated privacy curtains are also available as part of the package, which integrate neatly into the doors and rear windscreen surround.

The Entertainment Specification provides two eight-inch LCD monitors, each housing a 20GB hard disc and DVD player. Rear picnic tables designed to incorporate an iPad and wireless keyboard are also fitted with this package.

With a new built-in router the Mulsanne can also act as a wireless hot spot for its occupants.

Prices for the Mulsanne start at £225,900.

Anybody got any change down the side of their sofa?

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