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Detroit Motor Show Preview

What's the big news for Motor City's auto show?

Next Monday sees the first Press Day of the 2013 Detroit Motor Show, officially known as the North American International Auto Show. As the first show of the year, there are always a few big reveals, but the show is generally centred around US brands – not that this is a bad thing as this year we have a truly big reveal – the all-new Corvette C7.

What makes this all the more exciting is that there have amazingly been no leaked images of the new car, only a few snippets of the bumper, suspension layout etc. We know that GM has a few secret facilities in the US they can use for testing, so it’s not surprising that there haven’t been anuy leaked images yet, but it does make us slightly sceptical that most accidentally ‘leaked’ images of new cars are actually straight from the marketing department.

Anyway, the Corvette is exciting for many reasons, not least of which being that it is going to be the most ‘European’ Corvette yet, with sleek styling and an upmarket interior. There will be an all-new 6.2 litre 450 bhp V8 engine at launch, with many more variants including the Convertible, ZO6 and ZR1 to come later.

Another big US performance launch will be an as-yet secret offering from Shelby. The late great Carroll Shelby speculated before his death that they may be turning towards smaller engines with forced induction to run alongside their monster V8 engines, so we would speculate that this new model will be based on the Mustang V6. It normally has 305 bhp, so with Shelby turbocharging it we’d expect nothing less than 500 bhp.

Detroit will also see the launch of three German super-saloons – the BMW M6 GranCoupe, Audi RS7 and the facelifted Mercedes E63 AMG. We’ve already seen the M6 GranCoupe and the facelifted E-Class, but we eagerly await the new AMG version being revealed. The new E-Class has a sleeker front end and has lost the controversial rear haunches of the old model, so it should be a very good looking car with the usual AMG addenda.

The new Audi RS6 Avant was revealed recently, and Audi has confirmed that there won’t be an RS6 saloon this time. This role will be left to the new RS7, based on the sleek Mercedes CLS-rivalling A7. Sharing the RS6’s twin turbo V8 means 552 bhp and 516 lb/ft of torque, and 0-62 mph in under 4 seconds.

So there will be quite a lot to see this year and we’ll bring you the reveals as soon as they’re released. Expect some manufacturers to reveal the cars earlier this week to get a jump on the others, but we think the Corvette will be reserved for the press on Monday.

Images courtesy of Car & Driver,, and Ford


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