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Millionaire Boy Racers

A recap of Channel 4's documentary and our humble views on the Arabs and their toys.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to see Millionaire Boy Racers on Channel 4 at 10pm on 03/01/13, it let us see into the lifestyles of a new generation of young wealthy Arabian males with the World's most exotic motors. You name it, they've got at least one of it.

The programme filmed their annual journey from their home country to London for a 'holiday' with their cars. Being in their early twenties with literally more money than sense, you can imagine how they spent their days and nights...

There was also another side to the documentary, which explored how the local residents of Kinghtsbridge felt about this new culture and the ever-increasing diversity of the English capital. Aside from the racist remarks made by a couple of ignorant locals, the main issue was the noise made by all the cars as they accelerated down the narrow streets near Harrods and Sloan Street. Due to my relentless love for all engine noises, this was a foreign concept to me. V12s echoing off the surrounding buildings all day and evening? Yes please!

I can understand the frustration of the people who aren't interested in the noise though, so I apppreciate where they're coming from. But apart from the odd time the drivers go over the speed limit, they are doing absolutely nothing wrong. And as much as I can't stand the need for materialistic, Western goods in the Gulf, the boys do at least drive their cars how they were made to be driven. None of that 'leave it in a garage for years' nonsense.

You got the impression that the Met Police were slightly jealous, too. Their excuses for pulling some of the lads over were pretty pathetic if we're being honest. They had all their insurance and licensing etc. so why not leave them to it?

Then there's the opportunity it gives British car enthusiasts to actually see so many different supercars in a short space of time. Where else can you do that apart from forking out for a motor show ticket, which isn't even on anymore because it was too expensive to organise? I think it's a fantastic sight for the public, even the ones who couldn't care less about cars.

Finally you have the tens of millions of pounds that they spend in our country while they're here, which can only ever be a positive thing. Clothes, handbags, jewellary, hotels, food, drink. Very good for the local economy.

My only gripe with the young lads (and any other wealthy arab for that matter) is their absence of any sort of taste or class! This has been the case for years, and is clear as day in the colours and tuning of their motors. Yes you can do what you want to your own car, but whichever company they ask to spray their Aventador powder blue or their LP-670SV metallic pink should just say no. A gold wrapped 599? really? C'mon guys. I can imagine it's a competition who can drape the most amount of cash on their car, but taking a beautiful European export and garnishing it with tacky wheels, a pink interior or a shocking paint job should just not be allowed. Not that they'll care but they should know that they don't and never will have the class or elegence of us Western countries.

Rant over. Please check out the programme on 4oD if you haven't seen it, well worth a watch.

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