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VW Beetle Fender Edition announced

Dubious limited edition ahoy!

VW has announced that the Beetle Fender Edition will be launched as a limited edition in the UK from January 2013. Previously thought to be just a US edition, VW have decided that the UK might want some guitar-inspired limited edition-ness.

As far as limited editions go, this one does actually have some merit, as Fender are the brand associated with the upgraded stereo system you can order on the new Beetle. We say ‘associated with’ as we seriously doubt that anyone from Fender had anything to do with designing the £520 option beyond signing off the little plastic ‘Fender’ script attached to them.

But the Fender Edition does have a pretty stylish look to it. Only available with pearlescent black paint, it features a rear spoiler, Fender badging and some very retro-cool 18” disc alloy wheels.

Inside is where you get the most goodies though, the most obvious being the exclusive ‘sunburst’ wood inlay for the dashboard, which mimics the iconic style of the Fender Stratocaster guitars. We think it looks fantastic, though this may just be down to us having a winter cold and on a maximum Lemsip dosage.

Other goodies include the 400W Fender stereo upgrade pack which includes a subwoofer in the boot, 8 speakers and illumination around the door speaker panels and a colour touch screen interface. Other standard-fit equipment includes two-zone climate control, bi-xenon headlights and part-leather trim. The Fender Edition also comes with a line-in converter so you can plug your Fender guitar into the stereo system and play it through the car’s speakers.

The limited edition Fender is only available with the 2.0 litre 138 bhp TDI engine, and the choice of a six-speed manual or DSG gearbox.

The Beetle Fender Edition is priced at £23,015, with the DSG model costing £24,610. Order books open on January 2.

Images courtesy of VW


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