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Mini Paceman JCW revealed

Dear Points of View, why oh why oh why....

Okay, so let’s start this article as we mean to go on – we think the Mini Paceman is ridiculous. Take a small 3dr hatch (the Mini), then as people want more practicality, make a larger, 5dr version which doesn’t handle quite as well, but hey at least it’s more practical. Then take that larger 5dr body and remove two doors and lower the roofline, thus massively reducing the practicality. So you have a taller, worse handling, impractical 3dr tall hatch.

But, as the (bizarre) popularity of the Range Rover Evoque Coupe shows, there are buyers for these 3dr pseudo-SUVs, we just don’t’ understand why

Then we have this, the latest Paceman model to be announced – the John Cooper Works. Yes, this is a high performance version of a 3dr version of a 5dr version of a 3dr. Featuring the same 1.6 litre turbo engine with 211 bhp and 221 lb/ft of torque as the Countryman JCW, the Paceman JCW also gets the same bodykit, 18-inch alloy wheels and horrible black and red paint job (other lurid combinations are available).

Of course, lest we forget – if you want the JCW engine and handling benefits you can have them in a staggering 7 different bodystyles now – Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, Roadster, Countryman and Paceman. So that’s 6 other places, probably better than the Paceman.

It will cost just under £30,000 when it’s released in March next year, and is also 4wd, if you care.

Which we don’t. Honestly, we’re not even going to bother writing any more about this as it’s the most ridiculous car we’ve seen in 2012. In fact, maybe there’s an award somewhere for it…

Images courtesy of Mini

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