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Morgan announces the 3 Wheeler Gulf Edition

Iconic livery for the ultimate retro cool sports car...

Just when we thought the Morgan 3-Wheeler couldn’t get any cooler, the Malvern based manufacturer has announced that they are creating a limited run of 100 Gulf Edition cars.

Featuring the iconic baby blue and orange striped livery made famous on race cars throughout the ages, the 3-Wheeler manages to make it work, primarily because you could paint one of these any colour under the sun and it’ll still be cooler than a polar bear’s balls.

So outside you get the aforementioned Gulf livery, with special badging and orange walled tyres (first seen on the Superdry Edition), along with the rollover bars, exhaust, mudguards and wire spoked wheels all painted gloss black. Inside, you get a black quilted leather interior, black dash panels with special badging and orange stitching on the steering wheel. All very cool and very, very classy.

The Morgan 3-Wheeler Gulf Edition is available to order now and costs £34,995.

Images courtesy of Morgan Motor Company


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