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Oh dear, it's started. The first tuned new Range Rover

Those with a sensitive stomach, please avert your eyes now...

Oh dear….

It had to happen, but we were just hoping that the glorious new Range Rover would avoid the hands of the tacky tuners for a while longer. Unfortunately one such tuning company has already had their people rendering away and we now have to report on the frankly awful Lumma Design CLR-R.

First, the good news – Lumma offer a performance upgrade for the 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine, which takes power from 500 bhp to 560 bhp - not a bad increase and will endow the new RR with even sillier performance.

Now we have to come to the styling. The new Range Rover is a new, stylish direction for Land Rover, with more aerodynamic styling, subtle design cues and an overall air of quality. Lumma has decided to throw all that away and slap a load of cheap looking bodykit on it though, creating what looks to us like a massive white elephant.

From the front it doesn’t actually look too offensive, with a low front spoiler ruining any off road ability, featuring a large main grille in two parts, with DRL LED infused vents at the lower sides. There are wheelarch extensions front and rear which cover 22” alloy wheels. You can actually get 22” wheels on the Range Rover as options, so we’re guessing that’s a big as you can go without modifications for now.

The rear just looks all wrong to us though. It’s the least successful part of the standard car anyway, and the wheelarches, lower ride height and lower rear bumper all make it look very ill-proportioned in the images provided.

But no matter what we think, this kit will sell in the Middle East, Asia, the US and even here in the UK to the footballing community where individuality is more important than aesthetics. We can only hope that we don’t see one on the road just after we’ve eaten.

Images courtesy of Lumma Design 

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