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BMW 1-Series achieves 103 mpg

Amazing economy figures from the little BMW...

At this weekend’s RAC Future Car Challenge, a BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics managed to record an official figure of 103 mpg, eclipsing the manufacturer’s official rating by 39%.

The RAC Future Car Challenge is an event where manufacturers enter their vehicles to see who can use the least energy to complete a 64 mile trip from Brighton to London, including large hills and busy London Traffic. The headlines normally go to the electric vehicles that enter, but this year the BMW 116 ED took the class win for Best Internal Combustion Engine with the incredible 103 mpg.

The 116d ED uses a 1.6 litre four cylinder turbodiesel engine with 115 bhp and 191 lb/ft of torque sent through a six speed manual gearbox. It also features aerodynamic styling aids and low rolling resistance tyres. Obviously this was piloted by a trained BMW driver who clearly knew how to extract the maximum economy out of the car over the route, but it shows that some truly incredible results can be achieved with the right driving style. If one were to drive like that for a whole tank, the 116d ED could go for 1134 miles before filling up.

Impressive stuff.

Image courtesy of BMW


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