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Nissan delivers the first Juke-R

Yes, someone was insane enough to buy one!

Nissan has delivered the very first Juke-R to an unknown customer. Whilst the delivery of a Juke wouldn’t normally make headlines, this means that there is at least one clinically insane person out there who wants to drive a combination of the most brutally quick supercar and brutally ugly crossover ever made – and pay handsomely for it.

The Juke-R takes the drivetrain, wheels and some interior parts from the 2012 Nissan GT-R and puts them into a specially modified Juke – Nissan’s Focus-sized crossover model. This means it gets the 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 engine going through a dual clutch gearbox to all four wheels via one of the most advanced drivetrains ever made. We don’t know exactly what power the car is running, but the GT-R puts out 523 bhp so it’s safe to assume that it’s around that figure. It may be a little less due to the different configuration and cooling requirements.

This doesn’t mean it’s a slow car though - the Juke-R reaches 62 mph in only 3.7 seconds and tops at 160 mph.

The major downside to the Juke-R (aside from the ‘challenging’ looks) is the price – around £400,000. That’s a mighty amount of money, even for that level of performance. It would buy you a Lamborghini Aventador and a top of the line new Range Rover Supercharged, which is a whole lot of style, class and power for the same money. But as with all cars like this, it’s more about exclusivity that making sense of anything.

Images courtesy of Nissan


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