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BBR reveals Supercharger kits for the Mazda MX-5

More power for the diminutive roadster....

The iconic Mazda MX-5 is known for its handling, but has never really been over endowed in the power stakes. But as with everything in life, where there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case the way is legendary British tuning firm Brodie Brittain Racing (BBR).  BBR has previously offered Turbocharger kits for the MX-5 but they are now focusing their attentions on Supercharger installations, culminating in these two kits.

The Stage One kit includes an Eaton MP62 supercharger, a new intercooler and high-flow injectors. There's also a new air box, upgraded hoses and a StarChip ECU. Thanks to these modifications, the engines develop:

2.0i Mk3 - 235 bhp and 190 lb/ft of torque

2.0i Mk3.5 - 241 bhp and 190 lb/ft of torque

1.8SE Mk3 / Mk3.5 - 217 bhp and 176 lb/ft of torque

For those wanting more power there’s the Stage Two kit which adds a new exhaust manifold, a high-flow air filter, a stainless steel sports exhaust system and a revised ECU. These changes enable the engines to develop:

2.0i MK3 - 252 bhp and 208 lb/ft of torque

2.0i MK3.5 - 258 bhp and 208 lb/ft of torque

1.8SE MK3 / MK3.5 - 231 bhp and 190 lb/ft of torque

The Stage One package is priced at £4295, while Stage Two retails for £5455. Given that you can now pick up a 2006 Mk3 2.0 litre model with under 45,000 miles for around £4500, you could have a great handling 252 bhp roadster for under £10,000 which seems like pretty good value to us.

BBR also offers a range of styling accessories for the MX-5 to beef up the looks a little. 

Image courtesy of BBR


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