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BMW reveals the Concept Active Tourer

It's a thinly veiled 1-Series GT...

BMW has officially revealed the Concept Active Tourer, ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of the month.

Let’s not beat about the bush here – what you can see in the images above is effectively a slightly flashier 1-Series GT. The most important aspect of this car though, is that it’s the first front wheel drive BMW in the company’s history. This marks a radical departure for BMW, though purists need not sorry as it will only be applied to this 1-Series GT and other more niche models. It’s being used for packaging reasons on this Concept Active Tourer (CAT) despite that it will be branded as part of the 1-Series range which continues as rear wheel drive in the hatchback, coupe and convertible formats when they are released.

Visually the CAT takes a lot of cues from the i3 electric model that has been displayed for a couple of years. There’s a more boxy upright design for the CAT, but manages to look sporty and stylish at the same time – not something that can be said for the Mercedes B-Class rival. Being a concept there are the usual 20-inch alloy wheels, large rear spoiler and extra chrome, but these can be expected to be replaced by less showy items on the 1er GT.

Inside there are plenty of concept car features like leather, wood and LED lighting everywhere, but again we can expect the shape and design to remain the same, but with normal black and grey colour schemes.

The CAT features a plug-in hybrid powertrain which features a 1.5 litre TwinPower turbo petrol engine, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. It produces a combined output of 186 bhp and 147 lb/ft of torque. This gives adequate performance of 0 – 62 mph in under eight seconds on the way to a top speed of around 125 mph The CAT can travel more than 30 km on electricity alone and BMW expect it to achieve the equivalent of 113 mpg and have CO2 emissions of less than 60 g/km.

Engine options on the production 1-Series GT are yet to be confirmed.

Images courtesy of BMW

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