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Maybach officially dead

Daimler have finally dropped the guillotine...

There have been rumours surrounding Maybach’s demise for over a year, with talks from all over the industry that the company was on its last legs.

Well the rumours were proved true today as Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG officially confirmed all Maybach models will be discontinued for the 2013 model year. There was no official press release or statement issued, but rather a price list which has "Discontinued" next to all five models.

Mercedes had hoped to save Maybach but a proposed partnership with Aston Martin was rejected over cost issues. Despite a refresh in 2011 the luxury limousines just haven’t caught the public’s eye, finding fewer and fewer buyers. One of the main issues with the £300,000 cars could be that they just look too similar to a £100,000 Mercedes. For similar money to the Maybach you could buy a Rolls Royce Phantom which has years of heritage and a name and look known throughout the world.

We’re always sad to see a manufacturer cease production, but in the case of Maybach it’s hardly surprising.

Image courtesy of Maybach


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