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Ken Block attacks San Francisco in Gymkhana 5

More insane car control - now with added jumps!

We’re big fans of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, but were a little sceptical when we heard there was a new one. The last couple have been very samey and whilst entertaining didn’t really offer us anything new. Well it appears that Mr Block can also read minds, as Gymkhana 5 is set in San Francisco and features some amazing scenery, some insane jumps including a spectacular sideways jump and even the closing of the Bay bridge – very impressive.

Sure there must have been thousands of takes, but when sewn together it makes a cracking 10 minutes. We love it even more for them setting it in San Fran – the home of so many lentil eating environmentalists who must have been fuming in their non-leather sandals at all the burning rubber and absurd amounts of unburnt fuel popping out of the exhaust…

Image and video courtesy of DC Shoes



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